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Switch on Power-to-X.

The purpose of the H2Global Foundation is to promote the protection of the environment and the climate. This will be achieved by fostering the production and use of green hydrogen and other climate-neutral energy carriers (climate-neutral or defossilised energy carriers) at national and international level.

Our mission is the timely market ramp-up to produce green hydrogen and Power-to-X (PtX) products in Europe as well as fostering its import.


Analysis & Research

Analysis & Research



The H2Global Mechanism

The H2Global Mechanism

The Foundation

The Foundation

Our Statute

Our Statute

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Our donors

Our key Objectives

Carbon-neutral industry

We want to enable the the transition to a carbon neutral industry, transport, energy and heating sector.

Market ramp-up

Immediate creation of a toolkit for market ramp-up until regulatory framework takes effect


Enabling scientific work which are committed to climate protection through the use of defossilised energy carrier


International energy partnerships tap the potential of a multi-gigawatt hydrogen economy and industry in partner countries.

Meet the people

Dr. Axel Wietfeld

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Angela Titzrath

Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees

Dr. Kirsten Westphal

Executive Director H2Global Stiftung

Markus Exenberger

Executive Director H2Global Stiftung Managing Director H2Global Advisory

Timo Bollerhey

Managing Director H2Global Advisory
Executive Director Hint.CO

Emanuel Henrich

Project Manager H2Global Advisory

Martin Christopher Erdmann

Project Manager H2Global Advisory

Clara Klages

Project Manager H2Global Advisory

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